Last week news broke out about the NBA and their addiction to PB&J and not to say that isn’t justified, it’s simple, its classic and ultimately delicious. We are fellow stoolies here and have seen the blogs by Jordie and Feitleberg , and we agree on the fact that grape jelly is not the way to go when making the best possible PB&J.

Grape jelly is delicious and while I am not here to knock it, I’m trying to put the best option out there for the people and grape doesn’t fit program. While I think it could go either way, in my personal opinion, raspberry jelly takes the slight edge over strawberry. One can choose either jelly they prefer, but the key component of the sandwich is it NEEDS to be toasted. A toasted PB&J is the ultimate flavor explosion, but to make it the perfect PB&J one must add Nutella, has to.

I’m not going to sit here and say every time I make a PB&J it do all those steps, I am very lazy, but every time I do not make the “perfect” PB&J I get a little upset knowing a better sandwich is out there. Also I’m not going to sit here and pretend I make PB&J all the time, like I said I am lazy. I move more towards the uncrustables because its easy and convenient. I will microwave it to give it that warm feeling, but its not the same, but it’s still delicious especially because of the fact it required now work at all.

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