Your guide to the new best tasting and looking eats of Brooklyn’s 2018 Smorgasburg

Photo: Courtesy of Smorgasburg

Summer is flying by and fall is right around the corner, which means beautiful New York days and perfect weather. Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the sunny days while they last. And there is no better way to do that than by visiting the 2018 Smorgasburg.

Bringing in more than 20,000 visitors a weekend, Smorgasburg is the largest outdoor food market in the U.S. Each weekend, people from all over travel to Brooklyn to try one of a hundred food vendors. Each one offering something completely different from the rest. Banana bread, tacos, waffles, you name it and Smorgasburg has it. Every Saturday you can find Smorgasburg on the waterfront in Williamsburg and on Sundays – Prospect Park.


504 HN Market – Baleadas

Photo: Courtesy of 504 HN Market

504 Market specializes in bringing you traditional Honduran food, which is scarce around the streets of New York. Their big dishes are catrachas and baleadas. Baleadas are composed of a flour tortilla grilled and filled with mashed beans and other contents of your choosing. They also have deserts! Try their specials such as the Nutella and Cookies N’ Cream ice cream roll ups. It is a popular spot, so be sure to get there early to avoid the lines.


Bonsai Kakigori – Kakigori

Photo: Courtesy of Bonsai Kakigori

Bringing back a classic from the Heian Period, Bonsai Kakigori offers a Japanese dessert made from shaved ice – Kakigori. The shaved ice is textured in a unique way, almost fluffy, so it melts instantly in your mouth. They value quality, so the flavors offered change frequently, as to provide the best fruit flavors of the season. But no need to worry, they always offer a variety flavors and homemade toppings, so you’re are guaranteed to get your perfect afternoon treat no matter what the season.


Rutte’s Dutch Waffles – Dutch Stroopwafles

Photo: Courtesy of Rutte’s Dutch Waffles

Originating in the Netherlands, Rutte’s is a family owned business that is over 100 years old. That is 100 years of perfecting the Dutch Waffle recipe. All the waffles – or rather cookies – are baked fresh, served warm, and made with custom Dutch equipment, just as they were back in the Netherlands. They have waffle making down to an art. So you can bet at Smorgasburg you’ll be getting a warm, toasty, one-of-a-kind dessert.


Ya Ya Noodz – Cheong Fun

Photo: Courtesy of Ya Ya Noodz

Ya Ya Noodz is one of the new, upcoming vendors of the 2018 Smorgasburg. Here, their specialty is rolled Szechuan rice noodles, steamed and then stuffed with a meat or veggie fillings including shrimp, pork, or butternut squash. These noodle rolls are deliciously fresh and are sure to be a hit when it comes to lunch. Stop on by and make these rice noodles your own with your choice of sauce, toppings, and garlic chips!


Wowfulls – The Waffle Ice Cream Cone

Photo: Courtesy of Wowfulls

Waffle themed desserts seem to be the trend this year at the 2018 Smorgasburg. Along with Rutte’s Dutch Waffles, you can be sure to see Wowfull’s infamous waffle cones all around the market. These 1950’s style egg waffles from Hong Kong are blowing up social media with their ornate, colorful nature. An egg waffle is made then rolled up into a cone. Then your choice of ice cream and toppings are added on top – giving you the best of breakfast and dessert.


Additional Vendors Include:

Big Mozz x DODeep Fried Cookie Dough

Boutros Shwarma Tacos

Bread & MonkeyBanana Bread

Btarts Butter and Maple Syrup Tarts

Dashi Fried ChickenKorean Fried Chicken

Frico ItaliaSavory Italian Potato Pie

Himalayan HorizonShabaley

King St. KitchenBaked Goods

LobsterdamusWhole Grilled Lobsters

PopdUpCold Brew Tea

Yoshimoto Fish CompanyDonburi Bowls

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