The Dinner Guide To Keeping It Classy Yet Casual.

It’s early in the week and you don’t feel like cooking (we get it, that is a typical New Yorker kind of living!). You want to meet up with some friends and want it to be a little fancy but also be affordable because, let’s face it, you probably had a pricey weekend. What do you do? Do not fear foodies, we have a nice list of delicious and affordable spots that will keep it classy as well as not dig too deep into your pockets.

Tavern on Third380 3rd Ave, New York, NY – 50% – This spot is a chill and scrumptious place. You can select from a variety of delicious treats here! Choose from their spicy tenders served with celery and blue cheese (or ranch) to a buffalo chicken sandwich packed with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, pepper jack, bleu cheese dressing, carrot and celery salad on a pretzel roll. Oh, and they are served with crispy golden fries 😀 Or share with your friends and split a spiniach artichoke dip served with crispy tortilla chips. Yes, sharing is caring.

9ten Restaurant910 7th Ave, New York, NY  20% – It seems that people don’t know about this awesome little spot right in the heart of Manhattan, well Midtown West. You can enjoy their popular homemade crab cake with micro greens and siracha aioli sauce or try their Yellowfin Tuna Tartare tossed in a sesame soy ginger vinaigrette and avocado puree (all served with blue corn chips!). In the mood for a crispy sandwich? 9 Ten Reuben Sandwich is their most popular selection! Bite through warm shaller and weber pastrami, gruyere cheese, tobacco onions and house made Russian Dressing – all served with french fries, pickles and coleslaw. Or try their roasted baby beet & kale salad topped with grilled chicken for a more low carb treat.

Brik Bar Lounge & Kitchen3216 Steinway St, Astoria, NY – 15% – It’s happy hour SOMEWHERE so having a drink or two early in the week is something you can do to pair with that tasty grub you know you’ll munch on! And what a way to do that at this cozy spot! They serve Happy Hour Monday to Friday 12-7pm (now that’s a sweet deal!) – $7.00 vodka to $6.00 rum drinks you can sip on with your late lunch or early dinner 😉 They even have tuna cakes, chicken fingers or fish & chips to add to the list of happy hour special. There is a large selection of quesadillas, burgers, wraps, salads and more! This is definitely a place to try any day of the week.

There you have it, casual meets cool grub spots. You don’t have to always keep it classy because you have options people. New York is full of them so go and try one of them already! #casual #discount #newyorkgrub #restaurants #bar #drinks



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