The Best Salads and Their Health Benefits

9 July 2018  – Gabrielle Christensen

With sun high at its peak in the city, nothing is more refreshing than a cool glass of water and some crisp greens. Salads are a great way to bring both fruits and vegetables to your daily food routine. The more color, the more nutritional value. They are an absolute essential in the summer, and really, should be year round. These affordable dishes are chocked full of nutrients and have a plethora of health benefits.




First of all, salads are a fantastic natural source of fiber. Anytime you add in raw veggies to your diet, you are guaranteed to up your fiber game. This fiber not only helps bring down ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL), but helps keep your blood sugar in check too. Fiber also aids in weight reduction, as it gives your body the feeling of being full, which, in turn, helps you eat less. Voilá, weight loss.


Muscle and Bone Improvement

A key ingredient in most salads is spinach. Whether you mix it with kale, spring mix, or just eat it by itself, kale is amazing in helping improving your bones and muscles. Due to its levels of vitamin K, kale helps promote bone growth, while its other nutrients help our cells produce more energy. This energy is used by the muscles and helps give them the power to grow stronger.



In addition to all the antioxidants found in vegetables and fruit, your salad dressing can also help with your health. By combining your dressing with different herbs such as cilantro, rosemary, or oregano, you can help up your antioxidant intake.


Skin Tone

Yes. Skin tone. All those leafy greens are not only packed with nutrients, but with water. The best thing for your skin is hydration, so by hydrating your body (in and out), you are guaranteed a fresh, dewy glow.

Although salads are great for your health, many of us still struggle to incorporate them into our diets. And it’s for a simple reason; some salads are awful! They can be bitter with little to no taste. However, with a touch of seasoning and some different oils, your salad can be transformed into something you’ll truly enjoy. Try adding spices and herbs like pepper and oregano at home. Or if your out, check out these great tasting salads around New York!


Loving Hut – Mango Spinach Salad

A spinach base with chopped mango, battered onions, and walnuts.


PMF Pardon My French – Goat Cheese Salad

A mixed green salad topped with crostini and goat cheese.


Nautilus Café – Sesame Tuna Salad

A seaweed salad topping with sesame crusted rare tuna.


Pokéworks – The Poké Salad

Two selections of protein combined with romaine lettuce and a spring mixture.

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