Internet sensation Salt Bae has finally made his debut in New York City, Opening Nusr-Et right in Midtown, Manhattan                    


Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, most commonly known as Salt Bae is letting us all know why going vegan for the New Year may have been our worst decision yet. This internet sensation runs more than just the web, he is the proud owner of twelve Turkish chain restaurants Nusr-Et. Gokce hit the internet in 2017 wearing his signature dark shades, a white v neck, and black pants, impressing the viewers with his immaculate butchering skills and flawless salt technique earning him the name Salt Bae. With the flick of a wrist, Gokce is giving a new meaning to butchering, making it seem like the cleanest most appealing job ever. His precision when slicing the meat, lightly tapping it afterwards, shows the world the love and passion that Nusret has for this art form of cooking. This viral sensation after becoming a trending meme, entertained thousands of people driving them to imitate his work while having fun with it. Even though the meme has now died down, a year later Salt Bae is still trending as people are now running to see him in person.  

Due to his internet fame worldwide, Salt Bae expanded his chain restaurants to the U.S, placing one in Miami, opening another one in NY, right in Midtown Manhattan. His new restaurant has opened on 60 W. 53rd street in the midst of hotels with thousands of tourists in the area. With more than 11.8 Instagram followers, famous celebrities from David Beckham to supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by to see his iconic 3 finger pinch and sprinkle at the new Midtown, Manhattan location. In less than a week, hundreds of people flooded the restaurant in hopes of getting a reservation to see Gokce’s work in person.


On the outside of the establishment to make sure that it is never overlooked, embellished on the wall is the hashtag #SaltBae. Everything about the restaurant screams Salt Bae. Once inside you encounter a 3D like mural that is beautifully drawn and detailed of Nusret Gokce in his signature sprinkling pose. Upon entering the restaurant which seats 150, dozens of people are instantly drawn to the mural, making sure not to leave the restaurant without taking their picture in front of the image. Once seated the experience continues as even the waiters are there to entertain. From creative drink making theatrics, to the waiters using Salt Bae’s salting technique as well, there is never a dull moment at Nusr-Et. On the cover of the restaurant menu, to the napkins and #SaltBae engraved in the wooden steak boards, Nusret’s image is plastered all over the restaurant, making sure that you never forget where you are.  

Nusr-Et is a dream come true for all meat lovers, but their menu is not vegan friendly unless you are only ordering sides or in the mood for a salad. Your love for steak can get you anything from Lokum, a Nusret Kobe at $77 to a Toscana that’ll run you $55. If you’re not into steak, they also offer lamb, meatballs, burgers, and a Turkish sausage. Salt Bae is all about providing the world with new food experiences, so if you never tried meat sushi or the Turkish desert Baklava, stop by and give it a try. Let’s not to forget to mention that rather than serving plain tap water, Voss water is given to all tables. Lavish, right? If you’re only there to see Bae in action, certain steaks such as the tomahawk and ribeye will bring him directly to your table for a chance to meet with him.

Instagram put Salt Bae on the map, letting the world see how passionate this man is about his work. While it is only one signature move, people are satisfied with only seeing that because his confidence flourishes each time. The cameras never stop flashing, as people order their meals they take their phones out and wait for Salt Bae to pass so that they can capture his performance. Although many people are there for the food, many people show up for the experience. It’s 2018, people show up to show out by capturing the moment and posting it online for the world to see. If you love how extra his salting technique is, stop by Nusr-Et in your fanciest outfit and continue to live your best life.

The internet sensation brings joy & excitement to our eyes, what he finds as his passion, is surely an entertaining show for us. While we’re lovers of all restaurants, Salt bae surely makes a great first impression & gives us a reason to keep coming back for more.

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