What is HungerPass?

HungerPass is the fastest growing dining club in the NY Tri-State area that helps diners save on dining while helping restaurants fill in their empty seats during off peak hours. On average members of HungerPass can save hundreds of dollars a year dining out at their favorite restaurants.

What is an Eater?

Eater is the term we use for our dining members. If you like to dine out you are an “Eater” in the HungerPass community.

What is a Feeder?

A Feeder is the term we use for our restaurant members. They all offer some discount to the HungerPass community. Simply check their individual Feeder pages for more information about them.

How do I become a member?

Simply download the App, login and voila you are a member! Stay tuned for our affordable monthly and yearly membership plans launching soon.

How do I receive my discount?

Locate a restaurant of choice by searching through the list of our restaurant members. Once you decide on a place to dine all you have to do is to check-in. After confirming the activation fee, you will then get access to your own personalized digital membership card. You must present this membership to either your server or cashier at any time during your visit to receive the HungerPass discount. The restaurant owner will receive a notification upon your activation.

How much is the discount?

The discount ranges anywhere from the minimum of 10% all the way up to 50% off your entire bill. Drinks included! Please check the restaurant page for restrictions.

Are there any limits on how often I can visit a restaurant?

There are no limits. Our members are free to use their discount at our participating restaurants as often as they would like*, as long as it is during the restaurant’s active discount hours.

Are there blackout times?

Since our restaurants are allowed to select their own discount percentage, time and days, there are going to be times when certain restaurants don’t offer discounts. It is important to check the date and time our restaurant members offer their discount.

Are there any limitations on the party limit?

The limitation varies depending on the restaurant. However, unless mentioned otherwise on a restaurant’s individual Feeder page on the app, then the maximum is at least six.

What is included in the discount?

Most of our restaurants apply the discount to the entire bill*. There are a few that have certain restrictions which can be found on their HungerPass Feeder Page.

Is the discount combined with other promotions?

The HungerPass discount may not combined with any other promotions or specials such as lunch special or wine special and etc. unless otherwise is mentioned on their page.

*Restrictions may apply depending on each individual restaurant. Check each restaurant’s individual page for discount conditions