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Save up to 50% off at your favorite restaurants!
Save up to 50% off at your favorite restaurants!
Dine deliciously, save endlessly!
Restaurant Discounts at Your Fingertips!
Restaurant Discounts at Your Fingertips!
Search through the app for over 250+ restaurant deals!

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Ordering in is great, but nothing beats free sweet restaurant discounts. HungerPass helps foodies discover delicious restaurants all while helping them explore new and trendy locations. HungerPass takes the burden out of searching for restaurant discounts. No more endless scrolling through google or constantly searching for deals in that old magazine. HungerPass is designed to help you save time, eat good, and save money. Our team understands that finding new spots to dine at can be a pain, but with the coordinates of the restaurant’s location built into the app, finding new restaurants will be a breeze.

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